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 You will love this server! We always have stuff for you to do! You can always be protected by our wonderful plugin LWC! You can run off into the Wild and build a cool home! You can climb trees and jump from one to another without anyone lighting you on fire or trying to blow you up! You will be safe by our lovely plugins like CreeperProtection and LWC to protect your doors and chests from those ugly griefers! I understand that using TnT is very fun but it can be very dangerous to our server! So we have to protect the server, and you, to be safe! But besides all the banned items you will be able to still enjoy yourself with our great and wonderful Staff Members! Our Staff can help you out by directing you some where safe or helping you build your house! If you love our server so much it would be an honor for you to donate or buy one of our awesome ranks to keep our server running and keeping you safe! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy our very cool server!  -Mitchell /DuhDragon




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  •  $2 Moderator Staff Rank Limited Time Offer! Ends January 5th, 2013 (USA Time)
  • VIP Rank is %50 Off! Ends January 10th, 2013 (USA Time)
  •  We now have a NEW Website!
  • Server becomes released WorldWide on January 1st, 2013 (USA Time)
  • New YouTube Channel Coming Soon!
  • A FREE Rank Give-Away to who ever makes the best NEW HaxrCraft Logo!
  • Now have NEW Ranks!
  • Free Advertising on our server and other places!